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Paint decontamination

A process that releases your paint from any contaminants such as: Rust particle, tar, brake dust and anything else that can alter the shine of your car.


Restores a radiant luster while concealing minor imperfections in addition to protecting up to 6 months against UV and contaminants.

Nano Ceramic Sealant

Designed to create a shield on your painting and facilitate maintenance. Nano sealant is for cars under 1000 km or a newly refurbished vehicle. Ideal also for maintaining your paint protection film.

Seats shampooing

Extraction cleaning of fabric or leather seats. Removes stains from fabrics and restores the richness of the leather.

Carpets Shampooing

Extraction cleaning of the removable mats as well as the floor carpet in the vehicle. Removes calcium and encrusted dirt.


Protects against stains and UV. Extends the life of your textiles and leathers.

Multi-step polishing

Often called “compound” this process brings your paint to its original condition. Eliminates paint defects such as scratches, swirls and oxidation of the finish.

Engine bay Shampoo

Depth degreasing of the engine bay. In addition to reviving plastics and all rubbers, it prevents the engine from overheating and facilitates the observation of possible leaks.

Paint Protection flm

The solution to protect the body of your car. Several packages available to meet your needs. Film and work guaranteed.

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